Tom Bridge

Tom is originally from Sydney, Australia. He was awarded his PhD in 2012 for research on coral reefs in the ‘twilight zone’ of the Great Barrier Reef, and is a currently postdoctoral research fellow at James Cook University. His research is focussed primarily on 'mesophotic coral ecosystems' - coral reefs that occur in deep waters, but still support enough light for corals to grow. Mesophotic coral reefs are poorly studied...

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Ed Roberts

Ed is a coral ecologist and underwater photographer currently based in The Netherlands, who works throughout the Indo Pacific region. You can contact Ed at or at Ed was fascinated with the marine world from an early age, and had the good fortune to grow up in Sydney. A deep seated interesting in anything that involved water was firmly entrenched during summer spent at Jervis Bay on the...

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Matt Curnock

Often mistaken for a marine biologist, Matt works for CSIRO (based in Townsville) helping to solve natural resource management problems through social science.  His PhD on the sustainable management of swim-with-dwarf minke whales tourism in the Great Barrier Reef, and ongoing work with the Minke Whale Project, have enabled him to study and photograph these charismatic whales each winter for nearly two decades. He continues to seek out close encounters...

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