Ed Roberts

Ed is a coral ecologist and underwater photographer currently based in The Netherlands, who works throughout the Indo Pacific region.

You can contact Ed at edroberts422@gmail.com or at ed@tethys-images.com.

Ed was fascinated with the marine world from an early age, and had the good fortune to grow up in Sydney. A deep seated interesting in anything that involved water was firmly entrenched during summer spent at Jervis Bay on the south coast of New South Wales.

Ed learnt to dive in 2001, and first took a camera underwater around this time. After finishing high school in 2004, he migrated north to study marine biology in far north Queensland, at James Cook University (JCU). 
In 2008 he moved away from study, and worked in a as a SCUBA instructor on the Great Barrier Reef (GBR), before spending two and a half years as an aquarist at the ReefHQ aquarium. During this time he was increasingly involved in research expeditions to the Coral Sea, and far norther GBR.

When he left ReefHQ in 2011, he returned to JCU, and completed his degree. In 2013 he explored the coral communities living on submerged reefs along the GBR, an almost unknown part of the coral ecosystem, which earned him an Honours degree. At this point it became clear that there was much to learn about the deeper regions (to 30 metres and beyond) of coral reefs, and he began his PhD at the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies (located at JCU) in early 2014. Over the next four years he investigated the depth distributions of corals, and the processes that maintain these patterns. He was awarded his doctorate in 2018, and continues to explore the ecological processes which drive coral ecosystems.

Ed is rarely found underwater without a camera, and this has been a passion since he started diving. Progressing from film point and shoots, to a modern DSLR, he remains constantly passionate about showing others the underwater world as he sees it. With the increasing demands on the worlds oceans, and especially coral reefs, he also strives to bring the world of marine research into the public eye.

Ed will shoot anything that catches his eye, and to see a selection of Ed’s work, click through to his gallery via the image links below.

Ed is always happy to talk to people about his images, and research, and can be reached via ed@tethys-images.com

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