Tom Bridge

Tom is originally from Sydney, Australia. He was awarded his PhD in 2012 for research on coral reefs in the ‘twilight zone’ of the Great Barrier Reef, and is a currently postdoctoral research fellow at James Cook University. His research is focussed primarily on ‘mesophotic coral ecosystems’ – coral reefs that occur in deep waters, but still support enough light for corals to grow. Mesophotic coral reefs are poorly studied because they occur below the depths accessible using conventional SCUBA diving, but support rich ecological communities, including many species currently unknown to science. Tom uses robotics mounted with special types of cameras to study mesophotic coral ecosystems, allowing him to combine interests in marine science and underwater photography.

Tom is interested in photographing all aspects of the underwater world, but his photos are particularly focussed on coral reefs. He currently shoots with Nikon cameras, a Nauticam housing and Sea&Sea strobes.

Tom Bridge Portfolio


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